This hotel is conveniently located for sightseeing and business in Nagasaki City.

【Official】Nagasaki City Hotel Annex 3

Welcome to Nagasaki City Hotel Annex 3

The hotel has sightseeing spots and large sports facilities and commercial facilities in the near future.
First of all, as a Peace and Tourism Facilities, the range where the Atomic Bombing Center Park, Peace Memorial Park, Atomic Bomb Museum, Urakami Tenshu Do, Nagai Atomic Bomb Museum, One-leg Torii etc. are scattered.
In sports facilities, Nagasaki Minicipal Swimming Pool, Big N Stadium, Matsuyama Soccer and Rugby Ground, Matsuyama Tennis, Softball Field, Yudojo, Nagasaki Prefectural General Gymnasium can go on foot.
Moreover, it is closeness to Nagasaki Brick Hall which is used at the concert · event · academic conference venue, and furthermore it is ten minutes on foot to Large Commercial Facility Mirai Nagasaki Cocowalk (opened in October 2008), which is a Large Commercial Facility Mirai Nagasaki Cocowalk.
Please use it once for business, sports and sightseeing stay.
When booking, you can book from this site conveniently.
Also, please feel free to call customers such as group organizations.


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Nagasaki City Hotel Annex 3


3-2 Hirano Town, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture

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Nagasaki Station 1-minute walk from the Atomic Bomb Museum (former Hamaguchi-machi) Tram Stop stop from Nagasaki Station by tram from Nagasaki Station. About 15 minutes from the Nagasaki Expressway Tarami IC.
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In-house information

  • Restaurant Primavera

    It is a restaurant filled with joy.
    For breakfast as well as dinner / lunch (reservation required) and
    You can use it as a coffee section in a small meeting.

    ●Venue specifications
     Number of seats: 50 seats
    ●Number of people
     55 people
  • front desk

    Staff are available at the front desk at all times so please call out your voice anytime.
    In addition, we have maps on hand.If you have any troubles with sightseeing spots, we will ask you at the front desk.
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